Congress is broken and we must fix it.

America has serious problems. High unemployment. A weak economy. An infrastructure that is falling apart. A runaway budget deficit and growing national debt.

These are serious problems. But they’re not our most serious problem. Our most serious problem is our dysfunctional Congress.

For most of the last century, Congress has been a place of courteous and reasoned debate. Elected representatives disagreed over specifics, but they worked together to address our national problems. The people wanted moderation, and our elected representatives sought the middle ground. But all that has changed.

The great majority of the American people still want moderation. But Congress has refused to listen to them.

Congress is unable to solve our problems because too many of its members are more concerned with getting re-elected than solving our national problems. Too many Politicians are afraid to compromise for fear of losing the support of their “base” or their campaign contributors

There are an abundance of moderate voices in both parties. But extremists — both in the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party and the extreme “progressive” wing of the Democratic Party — have made compromise virtually impossible.